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ABOUT: About Us

What is MOB TV?

MOB TV is a new streaming content destination for mob, mafia, and organized crime content, both domestic and international, and the fans worldwide that are drawn to the stories, personalities, history and culture of this fascinating and insular world.


Co-founded by Terence Winter (Boardwalk Empire, The Sopranos, "The Wolf of Wall Street") and Joe Poletto (Indie Global, Microsoft, HBO & Comedy Central), and developed by a team of media and content experts and advisors, MOB TV will feature genre-defining content in all formats – movies, series, documentaries, specials and variety shows – acquired classics, favorites and undiscovered gems.

Terence Winter and Joe Poletto

Terence Winter

Joe Poletto

MOB TV will also produce original content that exposes untold stories and provides a window into mafia culture, depicting the unique social & cultural connections of these close-knit societies, and the human stakes of organized crime gangs.

The MOB TV is now available as a free ad-supported streaming TV channel.

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